About the Plugin:

This plugin lets you play the video in slow motion. Try out Slowmo to see this useful video effect come to life! It uses the player's dock. If you click the dock icon, the video will play in slow motion. If you press it again, the video will start playing normally. This plugin supports both Flash and HTML5 modes.

Configuration Options:

This plugin supports additional configuration options via flashvars. You can read about the available options below and see example code by clicking the Examples tab.

Flashvar: slowmo.delay = 50

This flashvar is used to specify how much to slow down the video. The default value is 50.

Note, in the examples below, I am using a modified version of the "Six" skin (JW Player default). SlowMo Plugin makes the play/pause icon flicker, I made a custom version of the skin that doesn't make the icon flicker. Both Flash and HTML5 examples have this skin running, since it makes the plugin look much better for JW6. It is included in the source. You can also download it HERE. This plugin also uses a customized version of jwplayer.js to make the native the JW Player controls appear on iOS. It is included in the source of the plugin, as well as the regular plugin download. You can also download it HERE. Note, it is possible to build slow motion support natively for JW6 in HTML5 mode itself, just using the JW Player's JavaScript API to do this. A demo of this is HERE.

See the Examples Below

Default Configuration - Flash Mode

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Default Configuration - HTML5 Mode

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